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Magna RX Supreme - Penis Size Enhancer & Erectile Dysfunction Solution 2-in-1

Building On The Success Of Vigour 300...
We Proudly Present To You...

The Magna RX Supreme


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A World Of Revolutionary ED Solution & Penis Size Enhancement Awaits You...
In A World Where Endurance & Size Matters

Significant Effects

- Rock-Hard Erections & Delayed Ejaculation

- Significant Increase In Penis Size (During period of effect)

- Each tablet lasts at least 72hrs up to 180hrs

- Amaze, Arouse & Dominate Women With Sheer Size!

Quoting Mr J:"I noticed about 20 percent increase in the size of my penis with this product!  Thanks Bro!"

Product Specifications

Product of Austria.  Hot-Seller in Europe!

Usage & Dosage

Take one tablet 30 minutes before sexual activity.  Do not exceed 1 tablet in a week.  Effects may last at least 72 hours up to 180 hours.


Magna RX Supreme

Each bottle consists of 10 tablets.
If you liked Vigour 300, you'll love Magna RX!
(New Prices With Effect From 25th November 2011)

1/2 Bottle - 5 Tablets = SGD50

1 Bottle - 10 Tablets = SGD90/-

2 Bottles - 20 Tablets = SGD170/-

3 Bottles - 30 Tablets = SGD240/-

4 Bottles - 40 Tablets = SGD300/-


One Bottle of Magna RX + 1 Bottle of The Legendary India Magic Oil for
SGD150/- (Originally priced at SGD160/-)

One Bottle of Vigour 300 + 1 Bottle of The Legendary India Magic Oil for
SGD130/- (Originally priced at SGD140/-)

Terms of Payment
Cash on Delivery.  No scammers please.
We also offer delivery by post upon request.

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Don't be fooled when girls say size doesn't matter...
Which ones would you rather be?

 Magna RX Increases Thickness & Length Of Your

Rock-Hard Manhood!

Regain Your Ego & Confidence Now With Magna RX


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See what our satisfied customers have to say...
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Mr D - While making love with my girlfriend, she asked me in the most seductive manner "When did you become so powerful Ohhhh..."  She was impressed and so was I!

Mr A - The significant increase in penis size amazed me!  Thanks bro for the product!

Mr Z - The effects of this product last at least 6 days for me but it's the significant penis enhancement that made me decided to stick to this product!

Mr G - Bro, thanks for the fantastic product!  The increase in penis size is superior over other products that I've used!

Mr W - No side effects, delayed ejaculation and increase in penis size makes me godly in bed!  No wonder my ONSs keep coming back to me!

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